Your Website could be

losing you customers

Image Your Website could be losing you customers

Stop Losing Customers

with your

outdated Website

Image Stop losing customers with your outdated Website

have your own Professional

Web Maintenance Team

for less than a Starbucks Latte each day

Image have your own professional web maintenance team

a 'time share'
Webmaster service,

that upkeeps your online brand image…
at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own web team.

Dear Business owner/IT manager,

You no longer have to hire, train and pay for a full time staff to manage and develop your website needs EVER AGAIN! No more sick days, paid leave and headaches of managing an in-house webmaster. Or perhaps you are wasting hours getting frustrated in front of the computer...trying to fix a small Website issue, when you could be spending time getting more business. The good news is, Webmasters.my now can maintain and update your website for a fraction of the cost of hiring a webmaster. And you don’t just get one webmaster, you get a WHOLE TEAM! Imagine having a team of professional designers, web developers and programmers working on your website when you need them...starting at the cost of a ‘tall’ latte at your local Starbucks each day.

As a member of Webmasters.my, your very own professional web developers, designers, programmers are only a phone call or email away. You can call us for simply updating some text or designing a new image on your website. And even more complicated stuff like creating forms and linking that to your CRM. In most cases, your small jobs will get done within 24 hours. You will be assigned a dedicated team member, who understands your website and your needs on a personal level...without any of the ‘tech lingo’. We will translate your business needs into reality on your website. No longer do you have to endure the embarrassment of having a website that's out to date, that’s eroding your brand and business. Finally, you can have that website that starts helping you convert visitors into customers, and one that you are proud to talk about at parties and functions. Get affordable access to our highly experienced team that’s been developing and maintaining websites since 2007...and start to experiencing the benefits of having an up to date website that grows your bottom line profits! Affordable packages to suit all businesses. Contact us today to discuss your requirements!

Key Benefits of the Webmaster system

Here’s the benefits you can start enjoying as a member of our ‘time-share’ webmaster system - for as little as a latte at Starbucks per day.

Get more
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Preserve your
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Website Security
& Peace of Mind+
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Experienced &
professional team+
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Get more customers

An updated and properly maintained website will generate more customers for you. How many websites do you see with outdated information? Do you trust that company if they haven’t updated their website for years?

The fact is, the majority of customers will go online to find information about your business even before they contact you. If your website is out of date or not working, you have a high chance of losing that customer.

Isn’t it time you stopped losing customers to your competition by keeping your website up to date and properly maintained?

Preserve your brand

You’ve worked hard to build your brand and reputation in the marketplace. In fact, you may have spent years of time and money to build your business reputation. Why risk spoiling that reputation by having an outdated website?

Your brand is worth a lot...it is what would enable you to pass on your business to your children one day, or it could mean the difference between retiring comfortably or struggling in retirement. Don’t let an outdated online presence devalue your brand.

Website Security and Peace of Mind

Hackers are costing businesses billions of dollars each year. It could result in website downtime or vital information being stolen online. The scary part is, many businesses do not recover from a serious cybercrime incident.

As a member of Webmasters.com.my, you can rest assured that your website will be updated with the latest security features to protect your online website and vital database information.

You can also rest assured that our conversations and your online data will be strictly confidential and protected. Our long-standing reputation as one of Malaysia’s longest serving Web developers is important to us. We have strict security measures to ensure that your private online data is not shared or leaked to anyone else.

Experienced and professional web team

By being a member of Webmasters, you get access to MORE than just a webmaster. You get access to a whole team of experts. Experts who have been working in the industry since 2007. You are backed by the reputation and experience of Orangesoft who has been serving Malaysian businesses and government agencies since 2007

You not only get access to webmasters, but you gain access to our programmers, graphic designers and other experts who are experienced and specialise in various aspects of keeping your website performing optimally.

Most simple tasks will be completed within 24 hours, we often even get it done on the same day that you contact us. The great thing is, you will also be assigned a dedicated relationship manager who will talk with you on a business level...you’ll never have to talk in technical jargon!

Additionally, you’ll no longer have management headaches and obligations associated with having a full time staff. Get access to a wide range of experts instead, for a fraction of the cost of hiring one full time staff member!


Webmasters has various affordable membership packages to suit the need of both SMEs and large corporations...starting for as little as a latte a day at Starbucks! You can upgrade your membership as your business grows, or downgrade it whenever you feel you need less. There’s no long term contracts and you can cancel at any time at the end of each month.


RM 498 /month

  • 6 hours of services

  • Web design work

  • Contents and graphics editing

  • Communication by email

  • Response time: In 3 business days


RM 998 /month

  • 15 hours of services

  • Web design work

  • Contents and graphics editing

  • Web programming work

  • Monthly backup of website

  • Monthly CMS plugin updates*

  • Communication by ​phone​ or email

  • Response time: In 2 business days

​*For Drupal / Wordpress only


RM 1,998 /month

  • 35 hours of services

  • Web design work

  • Contents and graphics editing

  • Web programming work

  • ​Website speed optimization ​

  • M​onthly backup of website

  • Monthly CMS plugin updates*

  • Communication by phone or email

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Response time: Same business day**

​*For Drupal / Wordpress only
​**For requests made before 12pm ​


We’ll even keep a time log of our various activities, so that you can keep track of hours online at any time. Here’s the best part: if you do not utilise the full hours in any one month, we’ll roll it over to the following month for you as long as you keep your membership with us...so you don't have any worries of missing out! Finally, you no longer have to be embarrassed with your out of date website, neither do you have to incur the huge expense of hiring a full-time webmaster! Contact us now to discuss the best solution for your business needs today.

Our Team

Imagine getting access to one of Malaysia’s most experienced team of Web developers and designers...all for a mere fraction of the cost of hiring your own team!

Orangesoft is one of Malaysia's longest serving web design companies with over 8 years experience behind us. Webmasters.my is a business unit of Orangesoft that was established because of our clients’ needs for an affordable web maintenence and website updating solution. As a member of Webmasters.com.my, you get access to a large team of experts with many years of experience in various areas of web design and programming.


You will gain affordable access at any time to experienced professionals in these following areas:

  • Web design and graphics
  • Web development
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Programming in Drupal, Wordpress and ecommerce solutions
  • Mobile App development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • MySQL development
  • Custom programming

You can be assured of top notch service and quick turnaround times. Bottom line is, you’ll have access to the same Orangesoft team that has been involved in developing hundreds of websites for SMEs, Large Corporations, Government agencies and NGOs.

Our Clients

Ultimately, by being one of our members, you can finally turn your website from a lemon into a cash-generating machine, because you’ll have access to our team of experienced experts for pennies in the dollar! Contact us today to discover the best plan for your business.

Here are a list of some of our clients:



This program is for small and large organisations who have a website and who want to make their website a marketing tool to grow their business by keeping it updated. It is also for organisations who want to make regular changes to their website as a communication medium but do not want the expense or headache of hiring a full time staff.

Businesses who want to ensure that their website and online information is secured with the latest security updates can also take advantage of this membership.

In fact, with our membership packages, any business from a sole trader to a large corporation can now maintain and update their website without having any full time staff.

The wonderful thing of being a member with Webmasters.com.my is that you are not tied down to any long term contracts. We can work on a month by month basis and you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your service at any time at the end of each month.

There are annual packages where we provide a discount 12 month memberships. In such cases, you will be committed for the duration for the 12 months. However you will have no restrictions on upgrading your membership with this plan.

When you have updates or tasks to be done, you can simply email to us at [email protected].

Yes! We actually have clients that are non-Malaysian businesses and organisations. The best part is, if you are an overseas company, you can take advantage of the historically low Malaysian Ringgit exchange rates with our firm.

We can communicate with you via skype, email and other ways to ensure that communication is not affected by the distance between us.

As long as you remain our member, you can transfer your unused hours from the previous month to the current month. This way we make sure that you don’t lose out by remaining a member.

Please keep in mind that unused hours are not exchangeable or returnable for monetary exchange. If you are out of ideas how to use those hours, talk to your relationship manager and we will be happy to provide you with advice on how you can utilise those hours to get the best ROI out of your website and grow your business.

This service is for website maintenance and updates. We can perform virtually everything that can upkeep your website and ensure that is has the latest software updates, content and programs. We can also do graphic design for your Website. What we can do under this membership is simple and sometimes fiddly tasks that may take up to 5 hours per task.

However there are major tasks that our team cannot assist under this program. You cannot for example, use your time for major projects, such as developing new websites or creating new software programs and so on. Such tasks require long dedicated hours and will reduce our capacity to serve all our members in a responsive way.

For undertaking major projects, please contact the main Orangesoft development team for a customised solution and a special discounted rate as a Webmasters member.

We don’t produce articles or content as part of our Webmaster service, as we focus on what we do best: maintaining and updating websites.

However, we understand generating fresh and new quality content regularly is a critical part of every website. That’s why can refer you to our third party partner who specialises in content production and marketing to ensure your needs are looked after.